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Sesame Place: Halloween Drive-Thru

Fun and immersive drive-thru experience for Halloween that then flipped to become Christmas. I created grounplans, traffic flow patterns, original set pieces and approved graphics.


Philadelphia Zoo: LumiNature

I storyboarded lively visuals featuring zoo animals to create an animated LED screen globe night time show.


Philadelphia Zoo: LumiNature

A portal piece that utilized the existing gazelle fountain structure for an area called "The Dreamery". This area was like a factory where guests could send dreams and hopes to the animals of the zoo. Fabric sail pieces set amidst moving lights and an uplifting soundtrack made this piece one of the most iconic for this event.


Philadelphia Zoo: LumiNature

Working with an external show company, I designed a night time spectacular with choreographed projections, lights, and sound that created an impactful environment for a 33 foot tall polar bear sculpture.


Philadelphia Zoo: LumiNature

A moving night time show featuring animals on the verge of extinction. The rear projection screens had a rock work structure frame and programmable ground cover. 


Philadelphia Zoo: LumiNature

A programmable light show featuring penguin cutouts and a lively soundtrack. The show also integrated "The Dreamery" fountain for a dramatic backdrop.

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